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Instal Plast is a ventilation installer with previous experience of working with Lindab and Lindab’s ventilation programme. “It is well known that Lindab stands for high quality and a leading range of products within our area.” says Janusz Głowacki, Managing Director and owner of Instal Plast. “It was natural to combine the delivery of the steel building together with its ventilation from a single supplier. We were curious to see how Lindab Ventilation and Lindab Buildings would coordinate their deliveries. Looking back, you can definitely say that this collaboration between the two Lindab companies
and with W.P.I.P. worked perfectly.

Korišteni proizvodi:

Since 1997, W.P.I.P. has been one of Lindab Buildings' business partners in the Polish market.
“We have supplied around 100 industrial units with a combined surface area of roughly 300,000 m2 and have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a regional market leader within the design and construction of industrial buildings, warehouses and offices,” explains Janusz Signetzki, head of W.P.I.P.’s building division. 
When we visited Lindab in Grevie last year, we were impressed by Lindab’s operations and its products for ventilation and indoor climate. We realized that this too was a range of products that would perfectly complement the Lindab Buildings we purchase from Lindab.


The first concrete result was the delivery of a steel building system with ventilation for the manufacturing firm Lumel in southwest Poland. This delivery is one in a series where Lindab Buildings' Builder Dealers have
chosen to utilise several parts of Lindab’s smorgasbord.
The delivery to Lumel comprised a new Lindab Building of nearly 15,000 m2, a Lindab Safe duct system measuring 100-800 mm in diameter complete with components and dampers, as well as a number of RS14 and RGS type diffusers from Lindab’s Comfort range.
“With this new facility, we want to expand and improve our production capacity and economy in precision casting,” explains Kazimierz Sprawka, Investment Manager at Lumel.