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Lindab Marine has more than 30 years’ experience of supplying ventilation solutions to anything from cruise ships to container ships and oil rigs. The Lindab Group was established in 1959, and we are one of the world’s leading suppliers to the ventilation industry. Our solutions for the marine and offshore industries are based on the same well-known, tested and documented products we have delivered to large construction projects around the world. 

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Lindab Marine provides the total solution:
• Our duct systems have a large number of advantages that match the needs and requirements of the marine industry. For instance, our ducts are better sealed, weigh less and are easy to install – also when space is limited.
• We help you choose the right technical products.
• We supply all technical components – silencers, filters, grilles etc.
• You can choose from a large range of fittings which will ensure
you an efficient solution with a beautiful finish.
• You have access to IT programs that make it easy for you to calculate, dimension and document the solution.

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