LindabRevitLibrary 2012.0

The LindabRevitLibrary 2012.0 is a tool for architects and designers that are working in Revit Architecture 2012 and Revit Structure 2012.
It contains a large amount of families (Structural Columns, Structural Framing) that can be used when 3D-designing Lindab’s light weight system - Construline. Included in the library is also a range of 2D-families (Detail Components) that can be used when producing details etc.
Finally, a small extension has been included to help out when choosing amongst the predefined Lindab walls that are included in the package.The extension can be used to find the walls that fulfills the declared demands for acoustics, fire protection, wall height etc. When a valid wall is selected, the extension will automatically bring the wall type and the wall section schedule detail for you to use.
The library is free of charge and can be downloaded by all members of Lindab’s Information Gateway.