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“Although we are currently using a German solution with insulated facade blocks, we are interested to see how further Lindab Solutions could be of use,” concludes Magnus Norström. “I think that it could be interesting to complement this with Lindab’s lightweight construction technology and sandwich walls, for instance. I believe that lightweight construction technology has a bright future and the question everyone must remember to ask is which building components provide the very best solution from a long-term economic and climate-perspective. We have had a very good start to our partnership with Lindab and see this as just the beginning.”

A few years ago, few people knew terms such as “passive house” and “plus energy house”, but energy prices had not yet reached current dizzying heights and awareness of climate-smart solutions had not yet taken hold. The situation today is quite different.
Energibo Svenska AB is an example of a construction company that has taken the new trend very seriously and were recently invited to an exhibit of their first show home, a passive house filled with modern energy and environmental awareness – and solutions from Lindab.
Energibo’s system is based on a certified German solution for foundations and frames that minimizes heat loss through the building envelope. An advanced solution for effective ventilation, solar
cells and innovations within accumulator technology account for the indoor comfort and form the second key component of the plus energy concept.
Magnus Norström made contact with Lindab at an early stage in order to evaluate how well its solutions would suit Energibo. “That resulted in us deciding early on to focus on Lindab guttering and standing seam roofing, systems that requires zero maintenance and are an ecologically good choice,” adds Magnus Norström. “In addition, we also use the Lindab Safe duct system for the building’s central indoor climate installation. In this instance, we have worked with Energiforum AB, Lindab Ventilation and Systemair.”