Shut-off damper with motor shelf KOMHY

Ø 80–630 consists of a DTU damper with a KOMHY combined motor shelf added. The damper has no knob, and has a longer spindle to avoid the need for extension spindle VREDF. The damper is designed to have a motor added on site.

There is a separate assembly, measuring, balancing and maintenance instruction for this product.

Ø 80–315 fullfills pressure class C in closed position.Ø 355–630 fullfills pressure class B in closed position.Ø 710–1000 fullfills pressure class A in closed position.


The motor shelf KOMHY is provided with suitable fixing holes for Belimo´s LM, NM SM and AF motors, and for Sauter´s pneumatic actuators AK 31 P and AK 41 P.

Ø 900 and 1000 has two motor shelves.

NOTE! AK 42 P does not fit this damper. The torque needed for motorizing is given in the adjacent table.

Also the dampers DRU and DSU can be ordered in this version.