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“The deliveries worked smoothly and well and followed the building plan to the letter. Lindab has always performed well and Pedagogikum has been no exception. Since the cutting and ordering has been based on the CADvent drawings, it has also resulted in virtually zero waste,” says Mikael Sildan, project manager at Bravida.
Approximately 6,500 m of Lindab Safe, measuring up to
400 mm, now rests in the Pedagogikum.



von Kraemers Allé 1

750 02 Uppsala


In December 2009 the Pedagogikum was officially opened, Uppsala’s newest university building and the future home of the Department of Education and Psychology. Six blocks, including a spectacular transparent entrance building,forming a new link between the Botanical Garden, the Carolina Rediviva University Library and Uppsala Castle.
“The Pedagogikum has a VAV system with individually, centrally-controlled room regulation and a highly integrated system where ventilation, cooling, heating and lighting are all connected. The building is supplied with both district heating and cooling and also has very advanced surveillance and control systems including energy and indoor climate parameters that are monitored on a daily basis,” explains Roine Lind, installation construction manager at Lind & Leijon Teknik that works on behalf of the client Akademiska Hus. “Together this gives a system that is stable and energy efficient, exactly as the client specified. PB Teknik has completed a number of assignments for Akademiska Hus, whose satisfaction has resulted in them keeping faith in PB Teknik this time around."
“It is obviously exciting to design a ventilation and duct system for a 25,000 m2 building, especially one that also has the scope and complexity found here,” says Tanja Lomsarguene, designer and team leader at PB Teknik who designed the system in CADvent. “One of the major challenges has been to keep track of all the variable flows in order to achieve a balanced ventilation system that offers the ultimate in comfort and meet the purchaser’s specifications for energy efficiency.”