DR Byen

Verhaal in het kort:

Through complex, full-scale testing at the Farum laboratories, Lindab could present a  ventilation and diffuser solution to meet the very demanding noise level standards at DR Byen, Denmark’s new media centre. In particular, the ventilation system noise levels in the main concert hall had to be practically nil. Each concert hall seat is now equipped with its own Lindab diffuser and with elaborate use of Lindab silencers the noise level demands were met. The Lindab delivery also includes a vast quantity of air ducts, silencers and diffusers.



Ørestads Boulevard 19

2300 Copenhagen S


Since 2006, all of Denmarks Radio’s production units ishoused in one building, the new ‘DR BYEN’ (Denmark Radio Village), in northern Ørestad, just south of central Copenhagen. DR BYEN is a multimedia centre on an international level, offering audiences and employees entirely new opportunities.
Segment 1 comprises programme production and studios, segment 2 contains the news and sports editorial offices, segment 3 houses administration, and segment 4 is the home of the spectacular concert hall, which will glow like a blue cube in Copenhagen late in the evenings.
Lindab and Ove Boisen were first contacted about the DR BYEN project by Carl Bro, the technology consultancy company commissioned to work on segment 1.
“The ISO noise rating curve NR 15 was chosen for the building’s sound studios too, which meant that when Frank called me about the concert hall, I was already quite familiar with the sound problems at DR BYEN,” Ove goes on. “The next step was to prepare all calculations and documents. Finally, Glenco, the ventilation contractor,can produce the construction designs. This documentation is to provide the basis for making the final calculations for the duct system and these results will then be submitted for approval by Nagata Acoustics.”
Lindab is supplied ducts, silencers and devices to DR BYEN’s segment 1 and to segments 2 and 3 as construction progressed. Lindab will most likely submit a tender for its specially-adapted air diffusers for the 1800 seats in the concert hall.