Facade Cassettes

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Not watertight

Deriving from production process, the connection edges are not conntiuous and watertight, therefore thermal and water isolation of the wall cladding should be solved independently from the cassettes.It is necessary to use vapour diffusive foil (LTF) on the outer side of the thermal isolation, while on the internal side appropriate vapour tight foil should be always used.

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet

The external facade wall cassettes are made of hot-dip galvanized coated steel sheet. From the flat sheet pattern the cassettes will receive their final shape by means of cut-to-size and cold bending.

Two types

The system has two types according to the mode of connection to the supporting structure, these are the visible and the hidden fixing Facade Wall Cassettes. All of these are made of 1.0 mm thick coated galvanized steel sheet.

Easy to assamble

The Facade Wall Cassettes should be fastened to vertically running hat-profiled supporting elements by means of selfdrilling screws and - in case of hidden fixing type - special steel fixing clips. The hat-profiles are laid in 600 mm distances, and can be fastened to horizontal secondary Z-profiled wall girts supported by primary load-bearing structure (steel frames or reinforced pillars).

Standard solution

The thermal isolation and vapour barrier layers should be carried out independent materials in every cases. Mineral wool heat-isolation can be placed between the Lindab Z-profiled wall girts, that should be completed with self-adhensive thermal sealant on their outer flanges.