Polar wall

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The Polar wall is a complete wall system based on sandwich panels. It includes all necessary framed openings, fasteners and finishing flashings. Different insulation thicknesses and panel profiles are available within the Polar wall system. They consist of two profiled ribbed coated steel panels, produced by cold roll forming, between which CFC free polyurethane foam is factory injected. Tongue and groove jointing arrangement ensures water tightness.

Technical specifications
- Panel thickness: up to 80mm
- C
over width: 1,000mm
- The U-values of the different products are those published by the panel manufacturers.

Colours and coatings
The Polar wall systems offer different coatings satisfying the various climatic requirements. Exterior coatings and colours are those published by the panel manufacturer. Interior coatings: Superpolyester in grey white

Polar panels are fixed vertically to the secondary framing by special screws, complete with colour matching composite nylon heads or, as an option, with hidden fasteners.

A range of fully compatible accessories is available for each of the Polar wall systems. They ensure complete water tightness and pleasing aesthetics:

- Single or double personnel doors
- Truck doors
- Window frames
- Framed openings
- Wall louvers
- Flashings and trims

- High degree of thermal insulation
- Aesthetical exterior and interior finishes
- Easy maintenance
- Quick erection
- Large range of integrated accessories


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