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Primary framing consists of all the structural elements which transfer loads to the foundations. Main-frames consist of built-up welded primary framing members, including flange bracings, connection bolts and anchor bolts. The bases of the intermediate frames are generally pinned; however, certain circumstances may dictate the use of fixed constructions. 

The primary framing components are shot blasted to SA 2.5 and coated according to ISO 12944 - either primer or corrosion protection paint. For special applications, the primary framing components can be hot-dipped galvanized.
- water based primer: acrylate-copolymere combination
- nominal dry film thickness: 80 microns
- corrosion protection: C2, high
- colours: Grey (approx. RAL 7036), Red (approx. RAL 8012), Blue (approx. RAL 5010)

Corrosion protection paint
- water based corrosion protection paint: acrylate-copolymere combination
- nominal dry film thickness: 100 microns
- corrosion protection: C3, low
- colours: Grey (approx. RAL 7042), Blue (approx.  RAL 5010)

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