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Lindab Topline 107 is a profiled sheet with a classic tile profile. A light, strong and stabile roof cover with a surface requiring no maintenance. With a conture cut edge and corner cuts it gives no visible sheetcovering, easier mounting and a aesthetic roof ending.

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Application area
Lindab Topline 107 is used for all types of pitch roofs down to 14°. Especially on buildings with large roofcovers. For example agricultural and industry buildings. The tile effect look with its many advantages makes it suitable for all roofs. Topline 107 can be mounted directly onto old asbestos cement sheeting, slate covering or felt roofs.

Sheet measurements, covering width and overlap​ ​
Sheet thickness:​
0.53 mm​
5 kg​
Covering width:​
1000 mm​
1 modul/"1-tile" covering:​
1.07 m²
2 modul/"2-tile" covering:​
2.14 m²​
3 modul/"3-tile" covering:​
3.21 m²​
Maximum height:​
60 mm​
Profile height:​
42 mm​
Module/"tile length":​
1070 mm​
Module/"tile width":​
200 mm​
Top coating:​
End overlap:​
140 mm​
Min. roof angle:​
Batten distance:​
1070 mm