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The Scottish ventilation companies, Brankin Engineering and Lucas & Steen, are both excellent examples of how longterm cooperation strengthens and develops the interests and business of all parties involved. They are among some of Lindab’s most important British ventilation customers and despite having slightly different working methods, Lindab has been able to contribute to creating a long-term win-win situation in both relationships.



2 Charles Street

Edinburgh EH8 9AD

United Kingdom

Brankin Engineering is part of the British Vaughan Engineering Group, which focuses on technical installations and electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The duct systemssupplied by Brankin Engineering consist of both rectangular and circular systems.
“We produce the rectangular systems ourselves, mostly at our factory in Northern Ireland,” continues Mark Whitfield. "However, we buy all of our circular products from Lindab, our partner within this area for more than 20 years. The proportion of rectangular to circular ducts varies from job to job, but the average proportion is probably 30/70.”
If Brankin was given the choice, it would choose circular systems since they provide simpler, quicker and more easily coordinated installations.
Compared to rectangular ducts, Lindab Safe is a considerably quicker-to-assemble and air tightness classified alternative. However, whenwe exceed diameters of 600 mm, rectangular ducts are a cheaper alternative when looking at the cost of the product itself.
In certain cases, Brankin uses Lindab Vent, Lindab’s duct system without rubber seals. “However, these are only exceptions,” explains Mark Whitfield, “since the requirements on air tightness are quite strict for school and hospital installations and we prefer to use systems that are air tight to begin with.”
“In the 20-plus years that I’ve been here, Lindab has been an important cooperative partner for us,” concludes Mark Whitfield. We also began working with CCL approximately 10 years ago and now that both companies have joined forces we are treated to the best of both worlds.”