Aitik Mine 36

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The deliveries to Aitik 36 were circular and rectangular ducts and silencers. “In addition to the actual duct systems, we have also installed large filtration units at two crushing stations. Lindab has supplied 90 % of our materials, and they have handled the deliveries really well", says Jan Sundberg, managing director of JR Mekan.


Boliden Mineral AB - Aitik 36

98292 Gällivare


The Aitik mine, just outside Gällivare in northern Sweden, is one of Europe’s largest copper mines which has been in operation since 1968. Now Boliden AB is investing around SEK 6 billion in a brand new facility which will completely replace the existing production set-up in 2010. The ore in the mine is broken down in the quarry and is then transported through mine shafts up to the enrichment plant where it is processed into a metal concentrate containing mainly copper but also gold and silver.

"Sometimes the orders have been needed extremely fast and in such cases Lindab has really done everything possible to help us. With volumes of the magnitude we are talking about here, it is quite clear that other than Lindab there are few if any that can manage deliveries in that class”, says Jan Sundberg, managing director of JR Mekan.

During 2009, Lindab has supplied large quantities of circular and rectangular ducts to the Aitik project’s various ventilation systems. “Aitik 36, as the project is called, is about constructing a brand new production apparatus with a new enrichment plant, new haulage system, crushers and other production systems”, explains Anders Öhlund, project manager for ventilation and ducts at Outotec, who is construction manager for Boliden’s entire venture. “This is about substantial buildings. The enrichment plant is 80 m wide, 250 m long and has a ceiling height of 48 m."

This also demands a really big ventilation system. We have specified the air tightness class for both the circular and rectangular ducts and since Lindab doesn’t just meet these requirements but also has a  manufacturing unit in Boliden Lindab’s solution was a hard to beat combination of air tightness, quality, easy assembly and economic transportation.