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The project is Fusion suspended ceiling concept with Lindab Fusion chilled beams and Lindab Safe duct system for the executive board’s building. In 2007, the Fusion concept won The Danish Design Award and is now located in more and more suspended ceilings where aesthetics and functionality have been put at the top of the list.



Ottiliavej 9

2500 Copenhagen Valby


‘Fusion’ is the process of joining two things together to form a whole. The Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck recently chose Fusion for its new, spectacular head office.
All of the components in the Fusion concept – the chilled beams or the diffusers from Lindab, the light fittings from Louis Poulsen and the suspended ceiling from Rockfon – have been developed so that they fit together like perfectly integrated pieces of a puzzle in a very flexible solution.
The suspended ceiling is a part of the room that houses several important functions, but also unfortunately brings about conflict. Lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning must all be placed there and must share the
space in the best possible way. Sometimes, it is not quite that simple.
“The property has large glass façades and despite the glass having a reflective layer, we realised that this would place demands on good cooling and indoor air-conditioning.” says Svend Krogh Thomsen, project leader at Lundbeck and technically responsible for the 5,500 m2 building.
During the planning phase, the option of cooling centrally and distributing cool air through the duct system was also discussed. “However, this would have involved a duct system of considerably larger dimensions and would
have made coordinating and designing the layout substantially more complicated,” concludes Svend Krogh Thomsen. “Using Lindab’s water-based chilled beam technology, we avoided these problems and gave our HVAC contractor, Klimodan, an easierto- assemble solution. We’re very satisfied with the end result.”
“The Fusion chilled beam is a really good product to work with and the smaller the ducts, the easier the assembly,” says Flemming Fredriksen and Jacob Simonsen, installation fitters from Klimodan. “Since Fusion only requires duct dimensions of 125 mm, the installation went smoothly and completely according to the delivery schedule.”
Lundbeck is an international pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of drugs
for psychiatric and neurological disorders.