The valve is designed for installation at a wall or in a ceiling.

It can be used for new-build and for replacement.

Its smart grip function ensures an easy installation.

Its unique sound data ensure an optimum sound level.

The valve consists of two parts; the valve body (AIRYB) and the flat front plate (AIRYFP).

The valve body is fixed to the duct system or a valve socket via flexible spring wings.

The front plate is attached to the valve body via springs.

There are 5 standard front plate shapes:

ROUN – a circle,
BOW – a square with sligthly bulged edges,
SQUA – a square,
ELLI – an super ellipse.
RECT – a rectangle,
Special shapes are possible on request

It is recommended that the valve is mounted in the frame ILVRU. The product will also fit in the valve frames VRGU, VRGM, VRFU, VRFM and the products BU GJUT, and TCPU GJUT.
The valve body has to cover the brim of the product it is fitted into. Therefor the maximum diameter of the brim for Ø100 is 133,5 mm, for Ø125 is 152,5 mm and for Ø160 is 187,5 mm.

2 Logiciels

  • CADvent

    CADvent est une application orientée AutoCAD © avec une boîte à outils complète pour la rédaction, le dimensionnement, le calcul, la quantification et la présentation des installations HVAC complète.

    Download CADvent for 32-bit

    Download CADvent for 64-bit

  • DIMcomfort

    DIMcomfort est basé sur l'offre Lindab et la gamme des terminaux d'échappement d’air. Le logiciel propose le calcul et la conception des diffuseurs sur la base des exigences spécifiées.

    Download DIMcomfort