The roof transitions type GISOLP are used for example in connection with roof hoods type VHL, VHA and VHP, where there is demands on sound attenuation effect plus a wish for a harmonic transition between roof transition and hood.

GISOLP is constructed around a perforated inner duct, outer spirally wounded ducts with intermediate insulation and equipped with end cap at the bottom. The roof plate is mounted on the duct and easy to fit to the roof´s shape. It is recommended to fasten GISOLP to roof beam, use beam fixture type SBG.

GISOL is insulated with minimum 50 mm insulation material and thereby meets the standard DS 428.3 "Norm for brandtekniske foranstaltninger ved ventilationsanlæg". (Standard for fire technical regulations at ventilation plants).

State the roof inclination at order. Max. 55°. 0° will as standard always be delivered with galvanized steel sheet.

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