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Lightweight construction

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Lindab Hungary. In 2006, Lindab unveiled its slotted exterior wall studs to architects, designers, builders and investors. “Now, three years later, despite
a marked slowdown in the Hungarian construction market, we can see how Lindab’s product range is leading the way for new solutions in façade systems, structural
and partition wall systems and roof assemblies that are cost effective and energy efficient,” says Nabeel Alyyan. “Being able to offer a broad, qualified
product range within lightweight construction systems and IT solutions and support to provide a unique, integrated whole, is a concept that has recently
resulted in a number of interesting projects.”

Lindab’s integrated lightweight construction systems are increasingly gaining ground in the tough Hungarian construction market. “Low in weight, strong and durable materials, dry construction, quick and easy assembly and an attractive appearance are the benefits that have made the combination of Construline, Coverline and Rainline a success here,” says Nabeel Alyyan,
With a solution including Construline, Coverline and Rainline, the agricultural company Hungerit expanded its offices in Szentes with an additional storey and added 200 m2 in less than two months. The exterior walls were constructed as ready-bearing wall elements consisting of Lindab’s slotted exterior wall studs, while the inner walls were built using Lindab’s partition wall studs. The roof itself was constructed using Lindab’s lightweight beams which were then covered with Lindab Topline.
The addition of an extra level is a growing trend in the CEE and is something that Lindab’s lightweight construction system permits with its low weight and uncomplicated design. Lambda Systeme is one of Hungary’s largest retailers of building materials. Adding a storey and more than 400 m2 to its offices in Budapest was straightforward with a construction consisting of Lindab’s exterior and partition wall studs plus roof trusses constructed using C-beams.
Another area where Construline plays a central role is with so-called infill and curtain walls, in which the non-load-bearing lightweight construction is supported by the load-bearing walls or pillars. A typical example is the delivery to Ford’s regional office for the CEE in Szentendre where the three-storey facade has been built with the help of Lindab’s slotted exterior wall studs.