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Pareto Print

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“Pareto-Print needed a solution that was, quick, functional and good from a financial standpoint,” says Valery Aramovich Avalov of Alan-Invest. “Despite a number of changes, we, Lindab-Astron and
Gamma Vent, have succeeded in providing Pareto-Print with this. The rapid construction time and the strong reputation of Lindab-Astron in terms of quality and customized solutions was the reason behind their choice of
supplier. Pareto-Print is now planning for phase two with Lindab-Astron quite clearly at the top of their priority list.”

Today, the printing presses are rolling at Pareto-Print in the city of Tver and Russia has extended its printing capacity by a full 8 %, or 69 million books every year. Lindab has supplied Pareto-Print with a turnkey solutionthat included buildings and ventilation. Smart synergy.
The 18,000 m2 plant consists of Astron AZM4 buildings with a span of 84 metres and with an interior solution that maximizes the available surface. The office building has been equipped with the new, innovative Astron LMR600 floating roof.
The Astron buildings can be completely adapted to the customer’s needs without compromising the aesthetic impression and this gives us a significant competitive edge.Since we can now offer complete turnkey solutions that also include the building’s indoor climate, this is a fascinating extension of our offering to the market.”
When Alan-Invest suggested that we should choose Lindab, we had very little knowledge about their product range and levels of service,” says Mikhail Bezmenov at Gamma Vent, who was responsible for
the ventilation installation.
“Looking back now, we are extremely pleased to have made this acquaintance. Our fitters were very impressed by how easily and quickly Lindab Safe can be installed. Moreover, all the parts were marked up, therefore making them easy to identify. Here in Russia, we are used to receiving our ventilation material in a chaotic fashion, but with Lindab everything arrived all neatly packaged and marked in their blue boxes. Even the ducts camein marked up crates.”