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Riksbyggen Venus Block

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Кратка история:

SLS runs a lot of different project but Riksbyggen Venus Block in central Gothenburg is the largest. During six month SLS who is responsible for Riksbyggen Venus Block, bought exterior wall and partition wall studs from Lindab for a wall area close to 30,000 m2of which the majority were marked out and in ready-made lengths.

Използвани продукти:

“Today, there are about 60 of us working here focusing on ceilings, sandwich panels and lightweight building systems. For lightweight building systems, we work mainly with various types of housing projects where we can offer quality and guaranteed delivery that appeal to our customers.” says Peter Setälä, one of three co-partners and owner of SLS Gruppen.
“Because we’re committed to providing quality, the choice of supplier and the cooperation with them is important. It has a lot to do with working with all the cards on the table in order to be able to put together the best
solution possible for the end customer,” continues Peter Setälä. “We often visit the end customers together with Lindab and can therefore present a more thoroughly worked out solution, from construction to finished installation.”
In all Lindab deliveries concerning material for curtain walls, the construction is made with the help of Lindab’s IT tool, ADT Tools. “This means that our installation engineers, here in the factory, receive a complete drawingof each element. This makes it an industrial process for us, together with the ready-cut lengths, with all the benefits it brings,” adds Peter Setälä.
“There are, of course, important reasons for why we chose Lindab, but the most important perhaps is the close relationship we have with them. If we ask a question, we receive an answer, and as they are responsible for
providing the answers, this suits us perfectly. Lindab are excellent at orderliness.”