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Clarion Sign

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Кратка история:

When opened early 2008 the Hotel Clarion Sign in Stockholm was ranked as the city’s largest hotel to date. A comfortable indoor climate was one of many important requisites of the wedge-shaped hotel with it’s 558 rooms and spacious general facilities. Since the building site was located in down-town Stockholm, precise just-in-time deliveries were of utmost importance. After smooth and well-timed deliveries to Bravida an extensive Lindab Air Duct system is now providing fresh air to the impressive and stylish 29.000 m2 hotel building.

Използвани продукти:

​With its striking angular appearance, the 11- storey Clarion Hotel Sign will make a very distinctive addition to the traditional facade of Norra Bantorget in central Stockholm. The 558-room, 29,000-square-metre hotel building sits like a wedge between the square and the adjacent rail yard that stretches behind the hotel, down to Lake Klara.

The main contractor is Skanska, while Bravida is responsible for installing the ventilation systems.

“I’m pleased to say that we won the large contract for the circular ducting, as well as a large number of silencers,” says Clifton Wolmeskog at
Lindab in Södertälje, where the circular ducts are being manufactured.

“Because this is the biggest part, we are handling all the deliveries from here, even though Hendry Asp from Lindab in Johanneshov is responsible for client liaison. Bravida places orders and the requested delivery dates on our computer system as they are required. Fortunately
for us, Krister Karlsson and Pelle Gustavsson from Kigges Åkeri then take care of the difficult final stage of logistics – getting through Stockholm’s
hellish traffic into the congested square of Norra Bantorget, then manoeuvring the big Lindabmarked trucks into the tiny space provided for

“We’ve worked with Lindab for so many years and there’s no real difference between the deliveries made here or on any other site. Lindab is simply a good supplier; deliveries always work well, they arrive on time, and that means our installation work goes as planned,” concludes Kjell Olsson.