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CADvent Plug-in

Lindab CADvent Plug-in for MagiCAD

The Lindab CADvent Plug-in was developed to support CADvents advanced production orientated features on top of MagiCAD using the production orientated objects in MagiCAD.
CADvent Plug-in features including CADvent properties, duct cutting and flanges, order optimization, reporting for Bill-of-Materials, piece-labelling and Lindab webshop connection where available.

Lindab MagiCAD connection

Lindab MagiCAD connection is a connection between MagiCAD and Lindab’s IT solutions, such as DIMcomfort, DIMsilencer and lindQST, and enables MagiCAD users to select Lindab products with these three software and export products into MagiCAD.

Download Lindab CADvent Plug-in

Download Lindab MagiCAD connection