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Astrotherm insulation consists of a fibre glass blanket with a laminated vapour barrier. Isoblocs significantly reduce thermal bridges and Alustrip improves the overall appearance of the insulation joints. The fibre glass blanket consists of a flexible blanket of high quality fibre glass, based on a thermo-setting synthetic resin with a homogeneous fibre fleece and long fibres, without residual or reused materials.

- Density: 16kg/m³
- Thermal conductivity: 0.037W/(m²/K)
- Nominal thicknesses: 40, 60, 80 and 100mm
- Lengths: Factory cut-to-length rolls to suit each project
- Packaging: in perforated polybags and labelled for correct identification on jobsite

Vapour barriers
Consist of a glass-scrim reinforced film bonded to the fibre glass blanket. The vapour barrier is wider than the actual insulation width, creating overlaps strengthened by double glass-scrim reinforcement (80mm) for stapling together. 

Isoblocs are insulating strips made of extruded polystyrene boards. Isoblocs are located over purlins and girds and significantly reduce thermal bridges.

Alustrip is a colour coated strip stretched over purlins and located under the side laps of the layers, in order to ease erection and to improve interior aesthetics.
N.B.: delivery of Alustrip is optional.

Astrotherm insulation is unrolled and stretched over purlins or girts (except in double skin roofs). The longitudinal assembly of layers is achieved by double stapling the two adjacent overlaps thus ensuring the continuation of the vapour barrier.

The vapour barrier is bonded to the fibre glass blanket with an adhesive, which contains a fire retardant.


- Thermal and acoustic insulation
- High insulation values
- Tailor-made supply, minimal waste
- High density fibre glass for long-lasting quality
- Large range of vapour barriers
- Excellent fire classification
- Fast erection