Hy Vee Hall, Wells, Fargo Arena

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“We could clearly demonstrate how a quickly installed round Lindab Safe system, equipped with EPDM rubber seals, would eliminate the manual sealing work using glue and tape.” Says Nate Slauson.
A Lindab Safe solution would provide fewer duct parts and therefore fewer connections, so altogether, the working time could be cut by approximately 12 %. On top of this, of course, there is the lower energy consumption and much more attractive appearance of the duct system.” Today, the ventilation in Hy Vee Hall, Wells Fargo Arena and the Veterans Memorial Auditorium has Lindab Safe throughout. By switching to Lindab Safe, the budget could be kept and give Iowa Events Center a considerably  better system. Quality pays, it’s as simple as that!

In Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the use of round, rubber sealed ducts has been the industry standard for a long time. These quick-to-install and energy-efficient solutions are now also spreading out into other regions, with products often carrying Lindab’s brand.
At an early stage of the project, Nate Slauson the Project Manager at Waldinger in assigned the distributor Brilco Inc. and Bill Budd to the project to guarantee top performance. “The ventilation consultant had provided the weight and size parameters for a rectangular duct system, as well as the insulation requirements that this would fulfil,” explains Nate Slauson.
“When we and Brilco made a preliminary design based on this specification, we quickly realised that a rectangular solution would result in a number of weaknesses plus a risk of the ducts bending. There were also a  number of disadvantages with the rectangular system, such as complex and time-consuming installations and higher energy consumption.” Nate Slauson and Bill Budd therefore chose to defy convention and looked instead at what a round solution would entail.
“I was already familiar with round duct solutions, and in particular with Lindab,” adds Nate Slauson. “We realised however that we would have to argue for the change, so we put our team to work to demonstrate what savings a change would mean. We also visited Lindab in Portsmouth for three days to go through the whole project – from the design solution and product selection to delivery logistics.”
The result of the analysis that Waldinger and Brilco could present the customer showed a saving of a full USD 450,000.