Modern Office Building

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Project: Air duct system, chilled beams and heating panels for office building

​If you choose to build a glass facade from floor to ceiling which also faces onto the sparkling waters of the Göta River, this will naturally ask a great deal of the ventilation and indoor climate system.

"The aim was to create an overall environment - with attractive and functional showrooms, an interesting reception area and other exciting customer areas, together, of course, with a flexible and functional working and production, " explains Lenanrt Börjesson, the responsible for this building. "The glass facade tied in perfectly with this concept but did have a major impact on the design of the indoor climate system."

The indoor climate system includes a complete duct system from Lindab and over 200 Lindab Professor F-45 cooling beams together with a large number of Lindab Atrium heating panels in the reception and production areas.