From all to small

Lindab Building Components business area includes everything from complete turnkey buildings to minor components. We offer an unlimited range of economical, functional, simple, and environmental construction solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Or just a couple of rivets. It's entirely up to you to decide to what extent you want to do to business with us.

Our building systems makes it possible to design and build hypermarkets, car showrooms, sports arenas or warehouses quickly and cost-efficiently - without compromising on appearance. Tailormade or standard building systems from Lindab represent a very attractive option for quality-conscious companies and municipalities with rigid time schedules and budgets.

Lindab building components range from ingenious systems for roofs, walls, and joists to specially designed details like rivets, screws, and gun nails. Whatever it is that you need - a flat-to-pitch roof construction or a snap bracket for your roof drainage system - we can provide a solution.

The market for steel and sheet metal for the construction industry is growing fast. Lindab in now one of the leading suppliers in Europe.