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When the Sweden Green Building Council presented its Green Building award for 2012, the prize went to Fastighets AB Briggen's new office building, Fullriggaren number four, located at Västra Hamnen in Malmö. This success is down to an unwavering focus on energy efficiency and on energy saving systems and building solutions. Because the indoor climate system is one of the biggest energy consumers in the building, a decision was taken early on to equip the property with a modern, need controlled VAV system Lindab's new VAV solution, Pascal, met all of the specified requirements and has now been installed and commissioned on the first floor to be completed in the building.

​With totally unobstructed views across the Öresund, a location in Malmö's Västra Hamn and a blend of high quality and striking architecture make Briggen's new office building, Fullriggaren, an attractive property in an attractive prime location. It is not very surprising therefore that Briggen has chosen to locate its new offices on one of the building's six floors.

In Västra Hamnen, virtually every new office project is environmentally certified, but only one of them – Fullriggaren – has won the Sweden Green Building Council's first prize in the Green Building category for 2012. "To win an environmental award before the building is completed and fully operational might seem strange," says Filip Elland, Sustainability Coordinator at Fastighets AB Briggen. "But it is mainly during the project's design and planning stage that it can be controlled in order to meet the various environmental requirements – energy consumption, damp-proofing, the selection of sustainable materials, etc. This provides a preliminary decision for which we won the award, but within two years this will also be verified in practice."

Fullriggaren consists of five office floors and a ground floor that is expected to house restaurants, shops and other services. With its characteristic protruding windows combined with a curved corner, Fullriggaren is an exciting new addition to the ever-growing district of Västra Hamnen.

"We have taken a policy decision that all of our new constructions shall be certified in accordance with EU Green Building," continues Filip Elland. "For us it was therefore obvious that our Fullriggaren project in Malmö would meet the highest standards for sustainable and environmentally-friendly operation. Because Fullriggaren's energy consumption is 44 % below the BBR standard, we were easily able to satisfy all Green Building energy requirements of 35 % below BBR."

"The main culprit in terms of energy consumption in a modern office building is obviously the indoor climate system," continues Filip Elland. "Modern VAV systems, i.e. systems with variable, needs-based airflow and well insulated, tight buildings are important elements in this respect. We are also focusing on the energy efficiency of our existing portfolio and expect to obtain Green Building certification for six projects in 2013."

Briggen does not normally make recommendations about systems or manufacturers to use for ventilation or indoor climate systems. "We simply set the parameters that every system or function should fulfil," continues Filip Elland, "Since Lindab's Pascal system fulfilled these requirements and the ventilation installer VEAB proposed using the system, that is what we got. From Lindab's perspective it is clearly positive that Pascal could match all of the required parameters in order to achieve this strict certification."

"The task was to build a flexible VAV-based ventilation and indoor climate system that would permit substantial tenant customisation," explains Tobias Nordström at VEAB AB who was responsible for the entire ventilation installation. "Because this was our first Pascal installation, we needed some support from Lindab Comfort in Farum, but this went like clockwork."

In April, Briggen's own offices on the second floor were the first to be completed and occupied. It now has almost 100 Pascal diffusers with integrated occupancy sensors for temperature and lighting. Other floors have been prepared for further Pascal installations and the entire building is fitted with a Lindab Safe duct system.

"Admittedly, we have only been in our new premises for a few months, but so far the indoor climate feels nice and pleasant. Looking ahead, we will be carrying out various measurements to verify energy consumption etc., and we will also be conducting indoor climate surveys aimed at all tenants in the building," concludes Filip Elland.