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The air duct delivery to IKEA in Prague is just one of several deliveries to IKEA warehouses throughout Europe. The ventilation system for this Czech facility was originally designed as a Lindab Vent system, i.e. with fittings without rubber gaskets. Lindab convinced both IKEA and Luvex that using Lindab Safe would result in a ventilation system with superior tightness and energy efficiency. The Lindab Safe delivery to the 44,000 m2 warehouse provides just that.



Skandinávská 131/1

Praha 5-Trebonice

Czech Republic

It’s indisputable – IKEA, Swedish steel and Lindab have not only the same national origins, but also the same entrepreneurial spirit at their core.
The original project planning involved Lindab’s simple, unsealed duct system Vent.
But, after pressure from both us and the fan supplier we managed to convince them of the advantages of switching to Lindab’s rubber-sealed system Safe,” says Jindrich Chrast,  regional director at Lindab who, together with sales manager Stanislav Nemecek, succeeded in implementing this change. “Now, IKEA’s new department store in Prague has a better sealed, more energy efficient ventilation system. I’m sure no one will disagree that this makes for better total economy in the long-term.”
IKEA department store, opened its doors 16 December 2004, and is filled with not just Billy, Lack, Tomelilla and all of the other famous IKEA products. A complete circular duct system from Lindab fills at least parts of the suspended ceiling, providing the 44,000 square meters and up to 5,000 daily visitors with the right dose of fresh, clean air.