Lindholmen Science Park

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Lindholmspiren 3 is the latest building to be added at Lindholmen Science Park. Rotating heat exchangers, the use of return air from the garage and airtight duct systems and energy-efficient chilled beam systems from Lindab have contributed to the building’s classification as a Green Building.


Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmspiren 5

402 87 Göteborg


Lindholmen Science Park was created with the aim of building cooperation between industry, society and academia. Since it was established, LSP has attracted more than 250 companies and has become a leading centre for mobile internet, intelligent transport systems and modern media. As long ago as 2004, Lindab delivered duct systems and chilled beams to Lindholmspiren 5, also known as ‘The Hub’, and this delivery has recently been followed up with a similar one to the newly opened Lindholmspiren 3. This means Lindab is is now contributing toward a comfortable, energy efficient indoor climate of around 19,000 m2 of office space. It also means that Lindab’s system solutions are contributing to the building’s classification as a Green Building.