Tott Resort Visby

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Lindab's role was to provide ventilation installation at the tenant ownership and hotel facility Tott Resort Visby.



S:t Göransgatan 31

621 55 Visby


A holiday and year-round paradise is now being built in the form of the exclusive Tott Resort Visby, on the western side of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, just outside the walls of the old Hanseatic town of Visby.
57 bungalows and one hotel. Lindab’s new Safe Click system is installed in all of the bungalows and Lindab’s duct system can be found in the hotel, partly in stainless steel, and above all in larger dimensions. Fresh Air Ventilation is responsible for the ventilation installations. “Already at an early stage, we were able to see the 3D drawings of the ventilation system from Lindab.” says Jonas Törnell.
The fact that Fresh Air Ventilation could provide Tott Resort Visby with a clear picture of how the installation  would look during the purchasing phase is partly due to them having been a so-called Lindab Partnership
customer for some time.
“This means that we still have access to CADvent drawings during all installations, through the drawing service that is part of the agreement, including those that we didn’t draw ourselves in
CADvent,” says Gordon Jansson, CEO of Fresh Air Ventilation. “And when the system is available in CADvent, we automatically receive 3D drawings, component lists, collision management, prices and much more, which makes the whole process so much easier. We want to use as large a part of Lindab’s product range as possible, as together with Partnership, it gives us a package that simplifies, streamlines and gives us lower total costs. We’ve now also tested Lindab Safe Click for the first time, and can see how this system can also speed up the assembly.”