The measuring bend is suitable both for balancing and for continous flow measurement. It is intended for permanent installation and must therefore be specified at the design stage. The measuring bend is a good choice, since bends are normally used in all installations.

There is a separate assembly, measuring, balancing and maintenance instruction for this product.


The measuring bend consists of a pressed and seam welded 90° Safe bend with measurement nozzles on the inner and outer radii. The nozzles are asymmetrically located on the centreline, for manufacturing reasons. Each nozzle has a removable plastic plug which prevents dirt from entering. It also eliminates air leakage when measurement is not done.

The unit allows insulation of up to 50 mm thickness to be installed without concealing the measurement nozzle or the label plate. The plate can be rotated for best legibility, irrespective of the way the unit is installed and can easily be removed, to be located away from the unit. If thicker insulation is needed, add the insulation cup IK to the standard cup.

Thanks to the robust design of the standard cup, the measurement nozzles are securely protected both before and after installation.

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