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With over 7,000 employees, Rambøll is one of the Nordic region’s leading technical consulting firms. Business is mainlyconducted within infrastructure and construction and Rambøll plays an extremely important role for companies such as Lindab through its investment in pilot studies and planning – those phases of a building  project when various solutions, systems and products are prescribed. Therefore, the fact that Rambøll itself has chosen and prescribed Lindab’s Professor and Plexus chilled beams for its new office in Sweden is a great honour.

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Since Rambøll’s current Swedish head office in Södermalm in Stockholm did not allow for necessary expansion opportunities, a decision was reached in 2006 to relocate the business.
“We were asked by AP Fastigheter to plan the renovation of their lovely old property on Krukmakargatan,” says Per Köhlberg, Engineer WS-technology at Rambøll and responsible for ventilation planning in the property."
The building was designed in 1942 by the architects Nils Gustafsson Friberg and Ernst Hawerman .Then it became a factory for Nils-Johan, whose cheese slicers, knives and saucepans were distributed nationally and worldwide. Sometime during this period, the ceiling was lowered and the original window frames were moved lower down, leaving the upper edge of each window blocked. The new architects Jonsson & Arnell suggested restoring the window sections, which led to the need for slender chilled beams and ceiling installations and it was here that Lindab came into the picture.
When Rambøll compiled the architectural plans that describe the building’s general layout, technical partial solutions and general principles, the ventilation system was one of the subareas studied.
“We suggested ventilation installed in the roof in order to create flexibility of use and make the simple rearrangment of individual office units that are now being built possible,” continues Per Köhlberg. “Considering
that the building’s industrial character, with visible beams and joists, should be preserved whilst the ceiling should be raised through the changing of the windows, we arrived at a solution fairly quickly where we
would use Lindab’s Professor and Plexus chilled beams.”