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Lindab Multi-Service was the solution when Harvey Group were looking for the optimum indoor climate solution for the demanding Heart of the Campus project at Sheffield Hallam University. The beams now not only deliver an indoor climate solution, but also functions like lighting, fire alarms and image projection, all of which are integrated into the beams. “The tailor-made chilled beam with integrated functionality was the ideal first-class solution for us and our client,” says Ryan McLernon, Commercial Manager at Harvey Group.

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Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, central England, is one of the country’s largest universities with over 33,000 students and almost 4,500 tutors and staff. A brand new building – Heart of the Campus – was recently constructed to add modern new facilities for education, students’ union and services. As the building would also link existing buildings and create a hub for communication and contact, the architectural solution had to fulfil strict demands.
The result was a design in which glass and large windows play a central role in creating the sought-after transparency and openness. Building contractor Harvey Group and its consultants realised at an early stage that this would pose a challenge for the indoor climate system, but they already had good experiences of working with Lindab so they were the natural choice.

Complete multi-functional solution

"We were able to offer Harvey Group a bespoke solution based on our Carat and Multi-Service Chilled Beams," explains Andy Watton of Lindab UK. "The result was a correctly sized chilled beam solution with sufficient capacity, but it also meant that audio/video and lighting functions, for example, could be integrated into the beam itself."
Lindab’s Multi-Service Chilled Beam, with its abilitu to provide effective cooling, heating and ventilation, forms the basis of a comfortable indoor climate, but thanks to its plug-and-play capabilities it also seamlessly integrates various functions such as lighting, loudspeakers, IT cables and AV equipment into the beam itself.

Full-scale tests and Eurovent certification

"Having worked with Lindab in Northern Ireland for many years, it was a welcome opportunity to work with them directly again on the award-winning Sheffield Hallam project," says Ryan McLernon, Commercial Manager at Harvey Group. "Heart of the Campus was a complex project which required bespoke chilled beams with built-in lighting rafts incorporating different light infills, fire alarm beacons and projectors."
The development work focused on providing the best possible solution for the university and end users. "This is why we made maximum use of our own research and test facility in Farum, Denmark," says Andy Watton. "We were able to carry out the necessary full-scale tests there, and could also invite Harvey Group to monitor the work on site and inspect and sign off on the various product prototypes. I’m also certain that our solutions’ Eurovent certification gave both Harvey Group and Sheffield Hallam the peace of mind and reliability they were looking for!"

Flawless delivery and support

The deliveries followed a strict timetable and totalled 143 Multi-Service Chilled Beams, 100 with built-in lighting and pre-prepared for the installation of projectors, fire alarms and more at the construction site. This reduced the installation time considerably while also streamlining the adjustment and commissioning processes.
"Lindab were instrumental in enabling us to offer a first-class solution, and the support they provided throughout the assembly process to meet tight deadlines was second to none. We thank them for their positive input at all times," concludes a very satisfied Ryan McLernon of Harvey Group.

Sheffield Hallam University

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