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By taking advantage of a complete material delivery from Lindab, Windefalk Ventilation & Energi has created a unique VAV solution for the new cultural centre in Kungsängen. The whole building has been given an energy efficient sequence-controlled Pascal system with diffusers and chilled beams. Furthermore, Lindab has delivered the complete duct system along with the accessories, dampers, silencers and all related products.

​Like a gleaming copper lantern, Kungsängen’s new cultural centre welcomes all visitors and offers six floors of light, fresh, purpose-made premises with a library, exhibition, meeting rooms, stages and a café.

In many ways it’s a unique installation

Windefalk Ventilation & Energi has been responsible for complete project
planning and installation of the centre’s ventilation and indoor climate
system. “In many ways it’s a unique installation,” explains Managing Director Mikael Windefalk.“Upplands-Bro municipality asked for an energy-efficient ventilation solution including VAV, demand-controlled ventilation. However, we recommended early on that the whole building and all its premises and rooms should be equipped with VAV. The results are a comfortable, pleasant indoor climate and lower than expected energy consumption.”

Complete delivery

Lindab is one of Windefalk Ventilation & Energi’s standard suppliers.“There are several advantages to being able to buy all the materials, and I mean all, from Lindab,” Windefalk continues.“Good prices, the simplicity of getting everything from a single supplier, and also excellent support from Mats Ryd and Lindabs team when the Pascal system came online.”
Lindabs delivered whole duct systems with silencers and a Pascal system with around 80 Regula units, Pascal diffusers and Architect chilled beams. Furthermore the pipe installer, VVS-Kraft, chose Lindabs heating strips along the window façades, which were also controlled via the the room regulation.

Unique VAV solution

“There are two special features with the culture centre installation,” explains Mikael Windefalk. “Firstly the whole building is VAV controlled, and secondly we’re running VAV with chilled beams.” Windefalks has chosen to build a sequence-controlled system which, when cooling is required, first opens the dampers to the Pascal diffusers and releases cooled air. If this is not enough the control valves on the chilled beams are also opened to
achieve the full cooling effect.

There are two special features with the culture centre installation. Firstly the whole building is VAV controlled, and secondly we’re running VAV with chilled beams.

“This avoids the problem of a low flow over the chilled beam and the resulting downdraught,” he says.“This is a great, brand new function of the latest generation of Regula. The system can run heating, cooling and dampers in sequence, which has major advantages both for the indoor climate and energy consumption."

Bringing the system online with flexible support

All the flows are controlled by the Lindab Regula units which include one overall Regula Master, four Regula Global and around 80 Regula Local room regulation units. This avoids the need for autonomous systems that live their own lives; instead there is a synchronised, demand-controlled system for the whole building. As the supply and exhaust air is controlled in sequence, the balance between the airflows is maintained continuously and automatically.

The system can run heating, cooling and dampers in sequence, which has major advantages both for the indoor climate and energy consumption.

“Lindabs support has worked extremely well,” says Windefalk, who goes on to say: “As this generation of Regula was brand new we received plenty of assistance from Mats Ryd and his team when we brought the system online. Thanks to the instrument which is unique to Lindab, global parameters can be reprogrammed directly from the room unit. This makes it even easier and faster to bring the system online and set all the flows.

Clear reduction in energy consumption

The system can be controlled and monitored from any computer as Regula can be connected via Modbus. As Upplands-Bro municipality uses a Schneider system for its general HVAC control, Lindab delivered a taglist which means the cultural centre can now be controlled and monitored, down to room level, from the municipality’s regular operations centre.
“The main gain for the ordering client is undoubtedly the fact that the VAV
system runs throughout the building,” explains Mikael Windefalk.“The fans are controlled directly rather than by pressure, which means they usually operate at 60% of the nominal flow. The result is a comfortable indoor climate and good air quality coupled with low energy consumption. Our goal is to surpass the customer’s requirements, and we hope this will be evident in lower energy consumption and satisfied users.” Project planning took place in autumn 2013, installations began in January 2014 and commissioning/final inspection took place in September 2014.

Kungsängen Cultural Centre

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