The single-room ventilator ASHR with its smooth finish fascia is an easy and effective solution for arranging of decentralized energy saving ventilation in separate rooms, cottages, public and commercial premises.

The fan is designed both for reversible mode with energy regeneration and for supply or extract mode with no regeneration. A hand held controller comes as part of the unit when supplied.

The high-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regeneration efficiency up to 90% is used for extract air heat energy recovery and supply air heating. Due to its cellular structure, the unique energy accumulator has larger air contact area and excellent heat conducting and accumulating properties.

The square telescopic air ducts in the ASHR ventilators are made of polymer coated metal lined with insulating material and round air ducts are made of PVC plastic. The telescope length is adjustable to the wall thickness which makes mounting quick and easy. This product has an IP24 rating.

Alternate Versions:

ASHR-100 Comes with 100mm telescopic duct

ASHR-130 Comes with 130mm telescopic duct

ASHR-150 Comes with 150mm telescopic duct

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