Lindab’s supply air beam unit Munio can be used for cooling, heating and ventilation. It has been developed for the installation and integration into bulkheads for example in hotels, in hospitals or for any other rooms with bulkheads.

  • Small dimensions (800 x 540 x 170), high capacity
  • Ventilation, cooling and heating as standard
  • JetCone, an innovative way of regulating the air volume
  • No need for filter because of it works with dry cooling
  • Service & maintenance issues are limited
  • For bulkhead installation with full integration in architectural design
  • Easy installation
  • Telescoping connection with clip in for outlet front grill
  • Full access with low cost maintenance
  • Fulfils highest hygienic requirements
  • Low sound levels
  • Individual room regulation with Customized control equipment (plus)
  • Additional energy savings when used with free energy sources
  • Lindabs active chilled beams are Eurovent-certified and tested according to EN-15116.

1 Software

  • Cadvent

    Cadvent je projekční software zaměřený na vzduchotechniku s nástroji pro kreslení, dimenzování, výpočty a tvorbu specifikací.


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