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The plenum box is intended for supply and exhaust air.

It is intended to accommodate sliding damper SKG.

It is designed for wall installation but can be used at other locations as well. It is telescopic for flexibility at installation.

All types have couplings with Lindab safe sealings for connections of SR spiral-seamed ducts or semiflexible ducts LFPE. Use the transition piece RCFU, with Smart Lock function, to connect the LFPE 76/90-dimension to InDomo manifolds and plenum boxes with Ø80 mm couplings.

Boxes with Ø 76 couplings with Lindab safe sealings is intended for direct connection of the semiflexible duct LFPE 76/90. It is not intended for SR spiral-seamed duct.

The Smart Lock function allows you to fasten LFPE effortlessly to the Safe couplings.

The shown pressure drop is for the box including grille B3020 and regulating sliding damper SKG set in open position.

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