PSE-Operator: Polish Energy Centre

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Lindab was responsible for Indoor climate system for PSE-Operator’s new main plant and centre for PSE-Operator S.A. who is responsible for operating the Polish electricity supply network.With 233 power line networks and a combined length of 12,823 km, PSE-Operator is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity to Polish electricity customers. Their task also includes the overall responsibility for ensuring continuous and effective operation.

Lindab’s supply to PSE-Operator in Bielawa is the complete indoor climate solution and comprises the entire duct system as well as air-tight dampers,grills and diffusers mounted on Plenum boxes,
floor and roof grills, etc.

“When it comes to the duct system and its components, air tightness class D was specified,” explains Jan Barszcz, Technical Director at Caverion Polska. “That was one of the main reasons why we contacted Lindab. The delivery has gone extremely well from start to finish, and now
that we’ve become acquainted with Lindab’s easy-to-assemble products, we’ll gladly use these products in future assignments. The use of Lindab’s device selection programme, DIMcomfort, also facilitated this product choice, but the decisive factor was the quality and air tightness class D that Lindab Safe represents.”

The reason for choosing Lindab is based on Lindab’s ability to offer systems that fulfil our high requirements concerning air tightness and on their excellent international reputation as an outstanding supplier of ventilation.Lindab has experienced good sales growth in Poland, but there’s still a lot to do.

“Of course, we’re working on increasing this share and promoting the simplified assembly and the more energy-efficient operation that Lindab Safe represents,” says Michal Piechura, Business Unit Manager Ventilation Poland and concludes by emphasizing the increased cooperation with the sister company Lindab Astron. “By intensifying our joint efforts, we hope to realize further synergies. We aim to focus on a more extended cooperation with the designers of ventilation systems used in Astron’s buildings.”