Duct heater for air heating systems, e.g. supplementary heating in ventilation systems in houses or in connection with air duct systems.


Duct SectionHot-galvanised steel tubes with Lindab Safe sealing ring in both ends.

Terminal BoxElectroplated sheet iron box fitted with two PG16 cable gland. Electric supply though the fitted row of clamps. Proofing IP44.

Heating ElementsTubular heating elements made of AISI 304 (stainless) with a surface load of 2.5 W/m² for air velocities above 2 m/sec.

Overheating ProtectionIn the terminal box there is a builtin one pole temperatur limiter (30-87ºC) with automatic reset (B2) as well as a thermal cut-out with manual reset (125ºC) (B1)

Temperature RegulationIt is recommended to control the air temperature by a room thermostat, e.g. KVT10.


The duct heater have to be insulated with non-inflammable insulation, and the distance to flammable material must be at least 150 mm.

NB. The terminal box may not get insulated.


KVU standard duct heaters for 230 Volt, are approved by DEMKO.

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