The Opera House, Copenhagen

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As with the delivery to DR Byen, the opera house of the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen proved to be a challenge of similar magnitude. Full-scale testing at the Farum laboratory, together with the ingenuity
and experience of the Lindab sound specialist, presented solutions that catered to all the air diffusion needs of this exciting building. Over 1,700 Lindab diffusers, many with grilles tailor-made to the building’s
curvature, now distribute fresh air to the 41,000 m2 building’s 1,000 rooms.

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Once again Denmark and Copenhagen, added another architectural landmark to the already long list of beautiful, spectacular and typically Danish buildings. Of course, it is not the regard for the building that is of utmost importance. It is what is behind the arched glass facade, which bends out toward the harbour entrance.
The opera house, covers 41,000 m2 and has over 1,000 rooms, 14 stories and is designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen, The Main Stage - seats an audience of up to 1,703, has an orchestra pit for 110 musicians and has so many possibilities as regards technology and space that it is without a doubt one of the world’s most modern opera houses.
Lindab quickly decided to build two full-scale models of the opera house’s stalls and balcony installations in its laboratory in Farum.“This allowed us to perform all necessary and comprehensive measurements and adaptations as well as in the next stage present a functioning full scale solution with verified measurement values to the proprietor, consultants and architect,” explains Frank Just Larsen, sales engineer and Lindab project manager for the opera house. 

“I am quite pleased with the collaboration with Lindab representatives, such as laboratory manager Jørgen Schmidt Madsen,” says Merethe Alder of Henning Larsens Tegnestue, responsible for parts of the main auditorium. “Lindab’s preparation with full scale tests showed that it was possible to achieve the set acoustic standards. The design of the grill was also of great importance since these devices are so clearly exposed.”