Arla Vimmerby

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Project: Air duct system for off-shore industry.Delivery of pre-painted air duct system with ducts, fittings and dampers as well as Comfort products like silencers and motorised diffusers.

Eight floors. That is how hight the central building at Arla’s new powder milk factory in Vimmerby rises above the city. The building houses the instalation’s two stainless steel spray towers. These are two very important links in the process that converts about 2 000 tones of milk into 200 tones of powdered milk every day.
The milk which is still liquid is taken up to The highest point of the installation - the spray Chamber. “The milk which is now more like Yoghurt is then sprayed at high pressure into thespray chamber at level eighth”,  Stefan continues blowing it in through special nozzles, themilk is converted into extremely small drops. At the same time, we add hot air at a temperature of 200 C into the spray chamber. The result is that every little drop of milk explodes and is divided into dry substance and water steam. The steam rises while the dry substance falls downwards like snow and we have achieved what we call spray-drying.”
Each spray tower pulls in about 100,000m3 if air per houru4his affects the room ventilationbecause the temperature around the towers is very high and the heated air around them has to be evacuated. “The installation has now been up and running for just over a year and we have a very well-functioning system. This of course includes the Ventilation system from Lindab - installed by YIT Sverige AV - who have given us a system that is well equipped to handle all our tough demands”, Stefan Davidsson adds.