LKP is a flush mounted square diffuser with a square unperforated face plate for installation in ceiling systems. LKP is suitable for horizontal supply of cooled air and has a large dynamic range. This ability makes it is possible to regulate down to low airflows with high undertemperature without the risk of drafts. This makes it possible to do the VAV regulation before the diffuser itself and for supply this is done in a MBBV box with integrated volume flow regulation. For exhaust the diffuser is used with a standard MBB box and the VAV regulation is done in the duct system with a VRU volume flow regulator.

LKP-P is identical with LKP, but has a discrete presence sensor integrated in the face plate. The presence sensor can register activity in a room and in case if non-occupancy the airflow will be regulated to a stand-by minimum airflow to save energy.

  • Simple and aesthetic appearance
  • Large dynamic range 0-100% without the risk of drafts
  • Integrated presence sensor for demand control
  • Suitable for both supply and exhaust air
  • Can be adapted to most ceiling systems

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