Polar roof

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Polar panels consist of two profiled ribbed coated steel panels, produced by cold roll forming, between which CFC-free polyurethane foam is factory injected.
Different insulation thicknesses and panel profiles are available within the Polar roof system. The U-values of the different products are those published by the panel manufacturers.

Technical specifications

Standard thicknesses: 30, 40, 60 and 80mm

A full range of accessories adapted to Polar, Spacetec and Multitec roof systems have been developed to ensure an optimum water tightness and pleasing aesthetics:
skylights, translucent panels, smoke vents, polycarbonate vaults, roof curbs.

- High degree of thermal insulation
- Aesthetical interior finish
- Quick erection
- Easy maintenance
- Large range of integrated accessories
- Fixed with stainless steel screws

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