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VRU-2 is a circular volume flow regulator for VAV regulation in duct systems. VRU-2 consist of a measuring unit and a damper. The unit is equipped with a compact Belimo motor with D3 sensor technology, which makes it possible to regulate in a large operational area. In Pascal system VRU-2 is primarily used for exhaust control, controlled by a Regula Combi with special designed exhaust program.

VRU-2 can also be used for supply regulation as an alternative to MBBV boxes, typically in large open offices or other rooms with a large number of supply diffusers.

VRU-2 needs a certain distance of straight duct before the unit and this has to be observed to obtain a stable and accurate airflow regulation.

  • Large operational working area
  • No factory settings needed
  • Settings to be done after installation
  • Needs straight duct before the unit

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