The LCR1 diffuser is a clean room diffuser that can be equipped with a HEPA filter, for installation in ceilings. It is typically used in premises where there are stringent requirements concerning the amount of particles and germs in the air. The diffuser can be used both to supply and exhaust air.
LCR1 is available in two sizes and with three different types of duct connection. The diffuser can be adapted for the most popular ceiling systems with reference to the order code. It is normally supplied with a rotating front plate, which ensures good mixing and distribution of air throughout the premises. The supply air pattern can be adjusted in size to suit the volume flow rate. The diffuser is also available with a fully-perforated front plate for vertical supply air or exhaust. The diffuser excels by having a hinged front plate and extremely simple and easy filter installation. Filters are supplied by Camfil Farr with a PU or Gel seal.

  • Airtight all-welded box in stainless steel
  • Hinged drop-down front plate
  • Simple and easy filter installation
  • Supplied adapted for the most popular ceiling systems
  • Pattern of airflow adapted for actual volume flow rate
  • Detachable duct connection (circular side connection)
  • Mounting brackets for threaded bolts are supplied as accessories
  • Low net weight
  • Equipped with outlet for pressure measurement and DOP testing
  • The lower section can be supplied in stainless steel

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