HEPA filters in class H14 have a large area of filter material and are of a very high quality that ensures a long service life, low pressure drops and excellent filtration. Choose between gel or solid seals without joints. The seal around the filter is replaced when the filter is changed to guarantee hassle-free operation and installation. Other filter classes are available on agreement. The filter is equipped as standard with powder-coated protective mesh on both sides of the filter material.

  • Easy filter replacement without the need for tools
  • Filter cell with PU or gel seal
  • Individual Scantest certificate supplied with the filter

Filter – brief facts: The filter is intended for installation in clean rooms.
Frame: Aluminium extrusion 86 mm
Filter material: Fibreglass
Separators: Hot-melt adhesive
Sealant: Polyurethane
Diffuser seal: PU (Polyurethane without joints) or gel
Temperature/humidity, max.: 70°C/RH 100%
Filter class as perDS/EN 1822: H14 (99.995% at MPPS)
Recommended max. end pressure drop: 450 Pa.
Volume flow/pressure drop:
Size 400 : 153 m3/h / 112 Pa (0.45 m/s)
Size 600 : 418 m3/h / 112 Pa (0.45 m/s)
Recommended max. volume flow/pressure drop:
Size 400 : 200 m3/h / 140 Pa
Size 600 : 550 m3/h / 140 Pa

Manufacturer: Camfil Farr

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