Gedeon Richter

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Today there are 90 Pilot and Plexus chilled beams in place in the Gedeon Richter building. “With these products, we have a quiet, draft-free and more attractive solution which automatically manages both the heating and cooling of the rooms, and with lower energy consumption and easy maintenance as well,” adds Vilmos Csonka. “The entire delivery and installation was problem free and more than 95 % of the staff today are extremely satisfied with the solution. We are now looking at some new projects where we quite possibly might choose Lindab’s ventilation products.”



Gedeon Richter is Hungary’s oldest pharmaceutical company founded in 1901. Today it has a leading position in the domestic market, and is also growing strongly in the CEE/CIS and other parts of the world.
“When we were looking at refurbishing one of our facilities in Budapest, we wanted to test a new room temperature-control solution that did not have the disadvantages of a fan-coil system,” says Vilmos Csonka,
Project Manager at Gedeon Richter. “Lindab had the solution we were looking for!”
”Fan-coil systems can be used for both heating and cooling, but it is an outdated system that does not make the room comfortable, nor offer the energy consumption and simple installation that one expects today from indoor climate control,” says Gellert Vigh at Lindab in Hungary. “When we presented our Comfort solutions to the country’s ventilation consultants in 2008, our products received a great deal of interest, but it was also necessary to get the industry to break out of old habits and try out new, modern technologies. Our delivery of Pilot and Plexus chilled beams to Gedeon Richter is a really good example of this.”
“An important part of this renovation project was to eliminate all disturbing factors, and create a harmonious and pleasant indoor environment. Therefore, we wanted to change the existing system to a quiet, draftfree
solution,” explains Vilmos Csonka. “Together with our ventilation consultants Andras Zohls and Laszlo Hegyi, we looked at some other options, but the solution we found most interesting was undoubtedly Lindab’s chilled beams.”