DLDY is fitted with built-in side baffles located outside the fitting dimensions. The products can be manufactured in all standard duct sizes.

For low-built solutions, see LRLB page .


DLDY has an external shell of trapezoidal corrugated sheet for stability and reduced risk of natural oscillation.DLDY is designed for low air resistance with baffle combinations that dampen particularly low-frequency noise well.The type of insulation material is Lindtec which has been developed to provide good noise properties, low weight and to be cleanable.

DLDY meets the requirements of air tightness class C.

Tools for dimensioning and planning

The software DIMsilencer is recommended for fast choise of silencer or a complete and fast sound calculation of the duct system.

The software CADvent offers dimensioning in an environment with 3D-modelling.

Computorised planning can be conducted with automatic presentation of noise levels, pressure drop etc.

Published data as per ISO 7235.