Bjärnum school

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The total roof surface area is about 5,000 m2 and has a roof construction that consists of a post supported roof that is aligned downwards with the various inclinations of the old felt roof. A trapezoidal profile is placed on
the supports with 20 mm of insulation. The 16.5 metre standing seam sections are folded together by machine and by hand and are then attached to the surface using special clamps. This provides a roof structure that is free
from organic material and is also significantly lighter than comparable wood structures. And more importantly, it looks delightful!

When Bjärnum school was built sometime in the 1980s, the roof sloped inwards with rainwater collected via integrated roof drainage. Four or five layers of roofing felt and a couple of leaks later, the decision was
finally made to acquire a new, stylish andmost importantly, impermeable roof. And while that was being done, it also became a new ventilation system, so that students and teachers would have more energy and greater zeal. Today, the new roof and new ventilation are almost ready. All from Lindab.
“The architect had decided on Aluzink standing seam roofing,” explains Jan Kjellkvist, co-owner of Plåtslagarna in Bromölla and supervisor for the comprehensive roofing work at Bjärnum school. “But he also wanted the
standing seam roofing to be in complete lengths and pre-folded sections measuring 16.5 metres is no simple task. We process rolling plate from Lindab at our workshop, then drive 16 pieces here at a time using special
transport and raise them up onto the roof.”
“Lindab has also helped us with the installation drawings for the supports themselves which simplified our assembly work considerably,” continues Jan Kjellkvist. “The entire work has been carried out under a sliding
construction roof, which meant that we could work regardless of the weather, apart from when the snow hit record levels in February.”
Besides the roofing system, Lindab has supplied all roof safety as well as Rainline roof drainage and a complete duct system to the renovated school building, fitted by Masterventilation from