Lindab Pascal

Lindab Pascal is a flexible and energy-optimized system for Demand
Controlled Ventilation at room level. The system only consists of a
few standard components, which simplifies construction.
Pascal can
stand-alone or be integrated in the building’s BMS. 

A system that fits every building

Pascal is the most simplified solution on the market for an optimized
system. The standard components can be combined in several
ways to solve different demands. This means that Pascal can cover
specific needs in the building without compromising the quality of the
indoor climate. 

A good investment
Our Pascal system provides faster commissioning and reduced operating
costs, at the same time. Thanks to very few components, high quality,
high performance and better navigation, the maintenance costs are also
Energy performance
The Pascal system includes fan control and demand controlled ventilation
for optimized energy savings.
Pascal consumes a minimum amount of
You can save a least 50 % of the energy of a traditional
VAV-system with Pascal.



Operate the Pascal system

Pascal Operate is the new optimized interface into the Pascal system.
Pascal Operate comes with predefined room solutions based on
recommendations according to standards and regulations
The software supports easy setup and commissioning of the
gives a system overview and knowledge about the
building’s indoor climate, from one access point
Faster operation
To avoid update issues, the web platform is now HTML5 based.
Pascal Operate comes as an integrated and standard part of our
Regula Master HTML.
Read more about Pascal Operate here





Easy setup based on expert knowledge​ 

Pascal is a safe choice. All our knowledge and expertise is integrated
in Pascal. This makes it an intelligent system solution for ventilation
and temperature regulation for all rooms in the building.
Since Pascal consists of our standard components, the system already has all the knowledge that is needed to control the components. This
makes the setup and commissioning fast and easy
UltraLink as an integrated part
Pascal is a flexible solution. It is possible to swap and optimize the airflow regulator VRU for UltraLink with VAV for maximum performance and energy savings. Use UltraLink directly on the Pascal communication Bus, Exoline, without needing a room controller, Regula Combi. Read more about UltraLink here.