Lindab UltraLink® Controller – Maximized

The popular UltraLink comes with Bluetooth technology and has now
become even more intelligent and easy to control. In many ways, the
UltraLink provides maximized performance. The UltraLink creates
conditions for
an energy optimized ventilation system that only
consumes the exact amount of energy that is needed.


Precise and reliable measurement
with ultrasound
The unique feature is the ultrasonic sensor technology. UltraLink
provides r
eliability between 0.2 and 15.0 m/s and without extra
pressure loss. This means that the damper can adjust the airflow
accurately, regardless of the demand. 

Fast and easy commissioning with Bluetooth

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the UltraLink App is the perfect tool
to commission, monitor and adjust the UltraLink directly via a mobile
We have added more features, which simplifies installation,
commissioning and gives a clear overview.

·        Use the app to name the different UltraLinks with letters,
numbers or special characters.

·        Place the UltraLink next to a bend or a reducer and use the app to correct for the disturbance.

·        To support a fast and easy installation we have added a
pre-mounted connection cable.
In brief, the UltraLink simplify construction.
Ultrasmart benefits
  • Communicates with BMS using either analogue or digital (Modbus) signals.
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Easy installation and control
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to read air flow and temperature directly in the display
  • Easy to change settings, read air flow and temperature using the UltraLink App
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Welcome UltraLink®!
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